New Team Raises to Win the ATWL

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Strict Union Wins ATWL
The top two woodsball teams in Atlantic Canada came to Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia on September 20, 2014 to battle it out for the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) Championship.

The ATWL is a competitive woodsball league established in 2007 to give paintballers who prefer the woods a venue to showcase their talent. Teams receives 5 points for each minute they control one of three capture point spread around the field.

Strict Union Militia from Moncton, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia’s, Mersey Road Predators, took to the woodsball field to determine which province would have bragging rights as the best woodsballers in Eastern Canada for the next year.

From the opening horn of game one the defending champion Mersey Road Predators pick up where they left off, dominating the field and locking down the flag stations once captured. Strict Union shook off their early morning / not quite enough coffee yet malaise to push in on all flag stations. Despite Militia's best efforts Mersey Road Predators came out on top of Strict Union Militia 220 to 85.

In the final minute of game one Keegan Simard of the Strict Union made a valiant run to capture the center flag giving the Militia an extra 35 points. Those last minute points wouldn’t be enough to win game one, but would be a factor later in the day.

Game two the Militia were able to use a play from the Predators book and gobble up large chunks of the field from the break. The Militia found their stride in game two and held the Predators off the board decisively winning 170 to 0.

The total points after two games put the Militia in front of the Predators 255 to 220, giving The Militia choice of field end from which to start the final game. The run of Simard in game one, which at the time seems pointless, made the difference. Simard's 35 points gave Strict Union preferential field advantage in the championship game.

The final game of the 2014 season was exciting paintball match with ferocious fights, multiple flag station captures, and constant swings in momentum. The Militia, due to the field advantage, were able to capture two flag station early and begin amassing points immediately. The game was like a tennis match, each flag capture by the Predators was immediately countered by the Militia.

In the final five minutes of the final the Predators surged on all three fag stations simultaneously. The Mersey Road Predators did everything they could to retain their title, but in the end the Militia were held back the Predators on to win 225 to 70.

Chuck “Chucky” LeBlanc from Moncton N.B. talented speedball player from the CXBL was key part of the Militia win. “In speedball there are five guys over there when the horn goes.” said Chucky with a laugh, “After first horn today and I was nervous to move because in the woods paint can come from anywhere. I felt like I was a new player”.

“It didn’t take long to realize, paintball is paintball whether you are playing woodsball or speedball.” Chucky concluded “Shoot and move, have some fun with your friends, the ATWL is a great day of paintball and we can't wait to defend our title in 2015.”

The management and staff of the ATWL, along with the league sponsors Tippmann Sports, PBL Action Sports and Mersey Road Paintball would like to congratulate the Strict Union Militia on winning the 2014 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Championship.

Rule Changes Coming for 2014 ATWL

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The Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League after discussions with players, captains, and field owner, is excited to announce a number of rule changes for 2014.

The league is confident that the changes will increase movement on the field, make it easier for teams to fill their roster, and make the league less intimidating to new teams and rookie players.

The four (4) major changes for next season are:

1. The total number of players each team can have on the field at one time will be reduced from ten (10) to seven (7) players

2. Total roster size will be reduced from fifteen (15) to ten (10) players per team

3. The maximum rate of fire for markers will be reduced from fifteen (15) to twelve point five (12.5) balls per second.

4. The ends from which teams start each game will determined by coin flip. The captain that wins the flip can chose from either; which end to start the game, or, set one flag station to that team’s colour prior to the start of the game and begin accumulating capture points immediately at the start of the game. The captain of the other team has the choice not made by the flip winning captain.

Changing rules that affect the entire league is always a delicate balancing act. Field playability, exciting game play, player fun and everyone’s safety must all be considered before any changes can be considered. If enough team owners request a specific rule be reviewed, it is in the league’s best interest to consider a change.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting season for the ATWL. These rule changes coupled with the natural exuberance of the players in Atlantic Canada should create some of the most exciting paintball played in the history of the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League.

Download the complete updated ATWL Rulebook

Tippmann Crossover XVR

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New 'Crossover XVR' Integrates Ten Performance Upgrades
Tippmann builds upon its Crossover platform after securing feedback from tournament players

Tippmann is excited to introduce the XVR, a specially-enhanced version of the company's Crossover marker. Launched last year, the original Crossover appealed more to woodsball players seeking a marker offering the ability to 'crossover' into tournament-style play. But, the new XVR takes Tippmann performance to an entirely new level and was developed based on feedback and suggestions secured by the company from speedball players worldwide. The result is an exciting new paintball marker specifically designed to deliver during tournament-style play.
Performance upgrades integrated into the new XVR include a redesigned on/off ASA adapter, a high performance 15" two-piece barrel that offers superior range and accuracy right out of the box, and an adapter for Autococker threads, so players can have more barrel options. To enhance servicing, the XVR also offers fast, tool-free access to the marker's FlexValve System and battery compartment so changes can be made quickly and easily. Of course, most obviously, the XVR boasts a bold and aggressive new look highlighted by its longer two-piece barrel and streamlined front grip as well as three popular color options that are sure to get noticed. The XVR also comes standard within a soft sided two-compartment case designed to protect the marker and barrel during transport.

"Before incorporating any changes into the Crossover, we wanted to take a hard look at what players were looking for. The XVR was designed for tournament players by tournament players and we're very excited to offer this group a new high-performance option that also delivers time-tested durability, unmatched customer support and an industry leading two-year warranty," said Ron Goldblatt, director of marketing for Tippmann Sports. "We're asking all players considering a tournament-style marker at this price to take a serious look at the XVR because it certainly stacks up favorably against any competitive product. Of course, all of our current teams - including the Tippinators and Tippmann Effect - will be switching to the XVR as well as Greg Hastings, who will be promoting the marker in his new 'Tour of Duty' events."

When Tippmann consulted with speedball players, the most commonly-requested upgrade for the Crossover was the ability to enhance performance with additional barrel upgrades - including two-piece barrels with bore-sizing options. To deliver on this request, Tippmann developed a new barrel kit with three smaller bore size options, which many tournament and woodsball players wanted to see. Of course, any XVR player who wants to 'crossover' into the woods won't be disappointed. The FlexValve incorporated into the new marker allows players to quickly switch from electronic mode to mechanical mode on-the-fly. So, the game always continues - even with a dead battery.

The new Crossover XVR from Tippmann Sports will retail for $429 and is expected to be available at paintball dealers worldwide in mid October. For more details, please visit, to buy an XVR, please visit

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Predators Win 2013 ATWL Championship

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Paintballers will swear up and down that big paintball games always seem to coincide with the most inclement of weather. The paintball gods do however listen to player's pleas for leniency from time to time. Proof of this came recently when the remnants of hurricane Gabriel that the Canadian Hurricane Centre had predicted to hit Nova Scotia, moved further west then forecast narrowing missing the province.

Woodsballers from across the region were happy to play the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Championship, at Mersey Road Paintball in East River, Nova Scotia on September 14, 2013 under cloudy skies and gentle breezes rather then 100kp/h winds and torrential rains.

The season long battle for woodsball supremacy came down to a showdown between two veteran teams, the Mersey Road Predators and the Nova Scotia Mercenaries.

Both the Mercenaries and Predators have won the ATWL title in the past. The experienced players on each team know exactly what it takes to repeat as champion. The look of steely determination in the eyes of players as they took the field gave an indication of how exciting the paintball championship would be.

From the opening horn the ATWL championship final was a pitched battle. Neither team was willing back down nor show weakness to the other. The teams rushed forward to the capture points under a hail of paintballs. The intensity of play increased as the game wore on. The veteran players saved their best paintball for the championship while the young guns tried even harder to out play the 'old guys'.

The final horn sounded and the players gathered eagerly awaiting the announcement of the official scores and reviewing the prize table. The table generously packed with items from Tippmann, PBL, NXe, and GI Sportz, plus gold, silver and bronze medals, and of course the one thing all the players want to get their hand on - the ATWL cup.

The officials met and when the final scores were tabulated it was the Mersey Road Predators who conquered all to win the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League championship for the second time in three years.

"The team played great today, they saved the best for last." said Derrick Keeler of the Predators "Early in the season we had our issues on the field, but everyone stepped up their game and came together when it counted. It feels incredible to be on top again after the disappointment last season."

The outstanding sportsmanship and skill shown on the field by all the teams and the players of the ATWL has shown that competitive woodsball is alive and well in Eastern Canada.

The league would like to thank Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL for their outstanding support of the league. Without the support of these paintball industry leaders the ATWL would not be possible. The league would also like to thank Mersey Road Paintball and Hypersportz Paintball for use of their outstanding facilities this season.

If all goes well the ATWL will be expanding to play an event at Spikes Paintball, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for an event in 2014. There are still many details to iron out but if all goes as planned next season each one of the three events will be played in a different province. For the first time in league history the ATWL will be a truly regional league for the Maritimes and Maritime players.

ATWL Event 2 Sets Up for Exciting Finish

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Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Event 2 played on August 3, 2012 was some of the most exciting woodsball played in the history of the league. Tippmann Sports and BuyPBL invaded Hypersportz Paintball in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, to host the best players in the region for the mid point of the 2013 season.

Returning ATWL players were impressed with the field improvements that are continuing at Hyper Sportz. "We are making improvements to the playability of the field for the ATWL." said Field Manager Jim Bent. "We are getting great feedback from the players and will make more improvements for next season."

An ATWL match consists of two, teams of ten players, playing two 20-minute games. The teams play one game, switch start points for the second game, to complete the match. Playing two games from opposite ends of the field eliminates any advantage in the field layout. The teams fight for three capture points spread across the field. Five points are awarded for every minute a capture point is held with a 25 point bonus for holding the center capture point at the end of the game.

The ATWL excitement began with the first game of the day as the sophomore Green Acres Goblins came out of the gate strong. The Goblins used aggressive fire and movement to control the field and wrestle a win away from the Mersey Road Predators by only 10 points.

"The Goblin came together as a team today and showed real signs of improvement." said James Langlois Captain of the Predators. "They (The Goblins) will be contenders if they continue to improve the way they have been."

The improvement of the Goblins was great to see but the story of the day was the play of the surging Strict Union Militia from Moncton New Brunswick. The Militia played nearly flawless paintball and finished the day undefeated.

The incredible play of the Militia dominated the day and propelled the team to first place for the season. A first place regular season finish puts SU in a commanding position heading into the league championship event in September.

The Nova Scotia Mercenaries played consistently strong paintball and finished the day just behind the Militia. "It has been a great day and a season to remember." commented Kevin Whynot Captain of the Mercenaries. "The team is playing well and we have put ourselves in a position to win in it all in the next event."

The depleted Mersey Road Predators played well all day but finish in third place. The looked good on the field but strong play of the Militia bumped the Predators into second position by a single point.

"It was a great day of paintball even though we slipped in the standings. We have a few things to improve on, but we will be ready for the Championship match." said Predators player Dave Rose.

After two events, SU Militia is leading the way with the Predators one Win/Loss point behind. The Mercenaries are in third place only five Capture Points behind SU. The Green Acres Goblins are consistently improving and should not be counted out.

Heading to the championship the teams are evenly matched as every team is a position to win it all. The 2013 TippmannX7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League winner will be decided at Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia on September 14th.

Event 2 Results
Place Team W/L Points Capture Points
1 SU Militia 12 945
2 Mercenaries 6 735
3 Predators 6 515
4 GA Goblins 2 270
Season Standings
Place Team W/L Points Capture Points
1 SU Militia 15 1295
2 Predators 14 1020
3 Mercenaries 12 1290
4 GA Goblins 2 345
Championship Match Up - First Round Mersey Road Paintball - September 14th
9:00 SU Militia vs GA Goblins
9:30 Predators vs Mercenaries

2013 ATWL Season Off and Running

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The seventh season of the premiere woodsball league in Eastern Canada, the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) kicked off June 15th, 2013 Mersey Road Paintball in East River Nova Scotia.

Woodsball teams from around the Maritimes came together to once again to begin the battle for the ATWL Cup and the title of the best woodsball team in the Maritimes.

The teams fight for points by capturing one of three flag stations that are set up approximately equidistant to each team's start point on the field. The teams play a round robin format a win earn the team 2 points, a tie one point and a loss no points. Total flag caputure points earned by each team is used to break a tie.

The Mersey Road Predators started the day with a bang and never looked back. The Predators returned to the form they displayed in 2011 when the team won the ATWL Championship. The Preds won every game and jumped to an early season league lead.

The SU Milita from Moncton New Brunswick are starting to hit their stride in the woods, and becoming a contender for the championship. SU ended the day tied with the defending champion Anthraxx for win / loss points but moved ahead of Anthraxx due to more total flag capture points.

The Green Acres Goblins are still learning the intricacies of competitive woodsball play in this their sophomore season in the ATWL. The Goblins came into the event shorthanded put up a stiff fight in every game. The Goblins are improving with every game and are looking forward event 2.

The 2009 ATWL champion Nova Scotia Mercenaries played well all day. The Mercs ended the day is second position but managed to accumulate the most flag capture points for the day for the day.

Head Referee Josh Boiduk of the Tippinators was impressed with both the skill level and sportsmanship displayed by all teams. "It was exciting paintball to watch," said Boiduk "there was lots of paint in the air, movement all over the field and real teamwork showed by everyone."

In 2013 the league is made up of established teams but the number of new players in the league this season is a pleasant surprise.

"New players are vital in order for the league to succeed, and the sport to grow." said Bruce Johnston ATWL League Commissioner "Seeing many new faces playing on existing teams shows the sport is alive and well in Eastern Canada."

Riding high on the success of event 1 the ATWL will next roll into Hypersportz Paintball in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia on July 27th for event 2.

Standings After Event 1
Place Team W/L Points Capture Points
1 Predators 8 505
2 Mercenaries 6 555
3 SU Militia 3 350
4 Anthraxx 3 295
5 Green Acres Goblins 0 75

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