The Tippmann X7 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League Title Sponsor:

Originally a manufacturer of collectible, half-scale replica machine guns, family-owned Tippmann entered the paintball industry in 1986 when gun law changes forced them to re-evaluate their business.

At the time, the Tippmann's were afraid that paintball was just a passing fad that would have about as much staying power as the hula hoop. But it seemed like a natural transition for the company anyway. After all, they knew how to make guns, and paintball markers shared the same basic principles as the machine guns they were manufacturing.

Thinking the sport would never last, they entered the paintball industry with a goal: to make high-performance, durable products that people could afford. Because of their experience in the gun industry, the Tippmanns' products were light years ahead of the competition. They built the very first semi-automatic and full-automatic paintball markers, and the sport never slowed down. Tippmann went from having eight employees in 1986 to 120 today, with offices in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

The ATWL Lead Sponsor and Official Equipment Supplier:

BuyPBL is one of Canada's largest paintball stores located in major cities across Canada. BuyPBL is also a Canadian distributor for renowned Paintball brands such as G.I. Sportz Paintball Products, Tippmann Paintball, Guerrilla Air Paintball, GoG Paintball Products and Eyetactical Paintball Masks to name a few.

Being one of the largest distributors of paintball products, our reputation has earned us the right to become the exclusive dealer for many top name paintball brands. PBL has the largest variety of paintball products in stock in Canada, ranging from the smallest paintball marker accessories to high end paintball markers. PBL is fully stocked with thousands of different paintball products and a variety of paintball brands! PBL carries everything needed for the beginner to the experienced paintball player plus all items needed for scenario paintball to tournament paintball!

The ATWL Official Field Sponsor:

MRPB began over ten years ago, starting with a close knit player base that slowly grew as the summers passed. What was originally a quiet, unknown field of close friends has grown to be one of the biggest and best in Nova Scotia! Breaking records for total players at a game in Nova Scotia, Mersey Road has become one of the best all around fields in the Maritimes! Thanks to your support we have recently expanded with a new fully turfed regulation size X-Ball field as well as our already gigantic woodsball areas.

Jim and Howie Langlois have created a welcoming environment for any style of player, rookie or veteran, woods or speedballer, Mersey Road offers players outstanding fields and services.


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