The Game

The Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League is a competitive paintball league established in 2007.

The league games are played on a traditional woodsball field. Games are 20 minutes in length. Teams play twice per day starting from each end of the field.

Teams can have up to 15 players on their game day roster but only 10 are permitted on the playing field during a match.

Each team has a netted 10'x10' area to use as a Safe Zone. In the Safe Zone masks can be removed and guns safely teched. Because masks can be removed barrel blocking devices must be used at all times.

The Safe Zone also acts as a team's respawn point. When players are eliminated from play they return to the respawn point and can then immediately return to play.

There are three Flag Stations / capture points on the field that are approximately equidistant from each respawn point. Points are scored for each minute a team holds a Flag Station.

There is a Buffer Zone approximately 50 feet around each Safe Zone. Players can shoot into and out of the Buffer Zone but cannot move past the line. Players are prohibited from shoot at or near the Safe Zone.


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