Rule Changes Coming for 2014 ATWL

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League after discussions with players, captains, and field owner, is excited to announce a number of rule changes for 2014.

The league is confident that the changes will increase movement on the field, make it easier for teams to fill their roster, and make the league less intimidating to new teams and rookie players.

The four (4) major changes for next season are:

1. The total number of players each team can have on the field at one time will be reduced from ten (10) to seven (7) players

2. Total roster size will be reduced from fifteen (15) to ten (10) players per team

3. The maximum rate of fire for markers will be reduced from fifteen (15) to twelve point five (12.5) balls per second.

4. The ends from which teams start each game will determined by coin flip. The captain that wins the flip can chose from either; which end to start the game, or, set one flag station to that team’s colour prior to the start of the game and begin accumulating capture points immediately at the start of the game. The captain of the other team has the choice not made by the flip winning captain.

Changing rules that affect the entire league is always a delicate balancing act. Field playability, exciting game play, player fun and everyone’s safety must all be considered before any changes can be considered. If enough team owners request a specific rule be reviewed, it is in the league’s best interest to consider a change.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting season for the ATWL. These rule changes coupled with the natural exuberance of the players in Atlantic Canada should create some of the most exciting paintball played in the history of the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League.

Download the complete updated ATWL Rulebook


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