Notes from 2011 League Meeting

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For those of you who missed the 2001 League meeting, here is what was discussed / agreed upon:

Game Format:
• Teams play each other twice per event, once from each side of the field
• Games are 20 minutes
• Three capture points spread out on field so not all fighting is at the center
• Immediate respawn
• Safe zone inside respawn where players can remove masks
• Can take all gear to respawn (scubas, markers, etc)
• Respawn player can leave field for refills

• All firing modes are legal
• Rate of fire capped at 15bps, accurate bps chrono will be on the field
• Only one marker on the field per player
• Player must be within 5 feet of marker or player will be pulled
• Each marker can have only one barrel and one trigger

• Event Paint Only
• Will be sold by field owner
• Two grades will be available
• $70 and $80 per case (subject to change)

• Mersey Road Paintball
• Overkill Sportz
• Splatter Island??

• 10 Players on field for game
• Up to 5 additional players in respawn
• No minimum limit of players on field for game
• Players can play on more than one team -pending approval of all captains day of event
• All players on team must have matching jersey / shirt style
• Will look at assigning one colour flag to each team for the season to avoid confusion

Season Structure:
• Play May & June then again Sept & Oct
- No play in July or August
- Roster locked at Event 3
- Championship games in October

• Schedule for season will be set once CXBL, AXBL and other event schedules are released
• Schedule be posted on website and social networking sites
• Team captain’s responsibility to ensure dates and times are passed to players
• If forfeit team will receive the average points earn for previous events

• Photos from events will be available free of charge
• All events will be reported to and

• League Fees
- Cover costs of running league
• Players Fees
- 100% returned to players
- No cash prizes
- Teams will decide what they want for prizes

• All information will be posted on the ATWL website and social networking sites
• Information will be posted in timely manner

• Still waiting to hear from all companies
• Some will offer discounts to ATWL Teams
• All items donated will be given to players

ATWL Shirts Coming Soon

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At long last you can show your pride with an ATWL t-shirt. Made of thick cotton these shirts will be available starting November 20th, best of all they are 25% off for ATWL players... Regular price $20.00, only $15 for the league....

2011 ATWL Captains Meeting

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If you are a current team captain, or thinking about joining the league please come out for an information session for the 2011 ATWL season will be held Saturday November 20, 2010 at

Henry Schein Canada
2 Bluewater Road
Bedford, NS
B4B 1G7
1st building on the left coming off of Hammonds Plains Road.,+Halifax,+NS&sll=49.891235,-97.15369&sspn=44.35412,93.164063&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=2+Bluewater+Rd,+Halifax,+Halifax+County,+Nova+Scotia+B4B+1G8&t=h&z=16

Championship Trophy Finds New Home


The ATWL Championship trophy was been delivered to Anthraxx at Overkill Sportz on Sunday October 31th. Championship name plates are been made now and will be delivered when complete.

Anthraxx Wins 2010 ATWL Paintball Championship

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The season long battle for the 2010 Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) championship was decided Saturday October 9th, at Overkill Sportz in Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia. And the players saved their most intense paintball battles for the last event of the season.

The final matches were set up similar to games played throughout the season; timed games with three flag stations, and total points to determine the winner. Points are awarded to a team for each minute a flag station is controlled. To assure field set up would not be the determining factor in the outcome, the teams played one game from each end of the field.

Both teams displayed an air of confidence as they podded up and filled their tanks in preparation for the opening horn. Less than two hours time would decide whether determined experience or youthful energy would rule the day.

Game one was characterised by ferocious fights at choke points, with maximum amount of paint in the air. Exploitation of small weakness on both side resulted in multiple changes of flag station possession. Game one ended with what appeared to be a slim victory by Anthraxx.

“It was a great game and my guys battled hard at both ends of the field” said Kevin Whynot, Captain of the Nova Scotia Mercenaries, who was impressed with his opponent’s performance in game one. “Anthraxx came out with their A game today. They are a great young team who fought us for every inch of field.”

Game two was a stark contrast to the first. Both teams rushed forward off the break then settled into a game of creeping and making selected shots. Where game one was fuelled by pure adrenaline, game two was a game of nervous anticipation and constant movement. “This is the hardest I have ever seen the guys play” said Ryan Cox, Captain of Anthraxx, “They left everything on the field. I just hope it was enough.”

The final horn resulted in a Mercenaries win. Each team won one game and finished with comparable points for flag captures. Both teams nervously waited or the final results to be calculated. League owner Shaun Langille met with Head Referee Chris Landry for clarification on the penalties assessed. Landry was barraged with questions when he left the meeting by players looking for a hint as to which team was victorious. Landry’s reply “Guys this one is coming down to the wire. I have no idea who won.”

An agonizing 20 minutes passed before Langille emerged and called the teams in for the announcement. The final result:

435 points – Anthraxx
390 points – Nova Scotia Mercenaries

Screams of joy erupted from Anthraxx at the news that all of their hard work for the season had paid off, and they had won the Atlantic Woodsball League Championship for 2010.

“It was an awesome season. I have never had more fun.” said Ryan Cox. “The best paintball I have ever seen was in the final games. I am really proud of my guys.” The final standings for the ATWL season are:

Anthraxx – 2010 ATWL Champion
Nova Scotia Mercenaries
Mersey Road Predators
Iron Legion
Halifax Maniacs

Paintballers in the Maritimes look forward to the 2011 season and the chance to take the crown away from Anthraxx. Cox threw down a challenge to all paintballers “Team Anthraxx looks forward to 2011. We are confident we will make it two championships in a row next season.”

2010 Event 3 and 4 Photos

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Photos from the final event of the 2010 season have been posted.

2010 Event 3 Photos Here
2010 Event 4 Photos Here

These and all future photos will be posted to the league's new Facebook page

Tippinators Purchase Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL)


Tippinators Purchase ATWL

The two time ATWL champion Tippinators paintball team have purchased the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL). The Tippinators, who have refereed the ATWL the past two seasons, were excited and acted quickly when the opportunity to purchase the league presented itself.

Bruce Johnston, Tippinators Captain, said “Taking over the league [ATWL] is the next logical step for us, since we have been heavily involved in the league and produced a number of scenario games in the last few years.” Johnston continued “This move feels right, Tippinators and ATWL is a good fit.”

The Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League was founded by Shaun Langille in 2007. The league is loosely based on the highly successful Special Ops - Scenario Paintball Players League (SPPL). Matches are 20 minutes with three capture points on the field. Points are awarded for each minute capture points are held. The remainder of rules were simplified for the first season. Langille said, "We wanted to keep the spirit of the SPPL in the ATWL, but more importantly wanted to get the league off and running with player enjoyment as the first priority."

The Tippinators paintball team was formed in 2005 and has, “raised eyebrows for several reasons.” said former Special Ops Paintball employee Jordan Ricks of Salt Lake City Utah. “Members of the Tippinators speedball team are experienced woodsball players. Walking on to a speedball field in camouflage with mechanical Tippmann paintball guns is tantamount to walking into Washington, D.C. and raising the Maple Leaf over the White House. People either laugh at the audacity of the joke or they believe that one has lost touch with reality” Ricks concluded “The Tippinators represent the best aspects of the sport and are great role models for young players.

When asked why he decided to sell the ATWL after four successful seasons Langille said, “While I loved every minute of my time running the ATWL, I decided to step away to spend more time with my two year old son and family.” Langille continued “Leaving this league is one of the hardest things I have had to ever do”.

Chris Landry the ATWL head referee for the past two years said, “The change in management can only mean a better experience for the players.” Landry continued “Our organization has a skilled team of players with experience running some of the best competitive and recreational events in the Maritimes.” Landry concluded “We will take our experience from running the Halifax City Open, Bustin Balls for Charity and RISK to make the ATWL even better.”

The Tippinators are picking up where Langille left off, the team is ramping up for 2011. “I know the league is in the best hands I could ever place it. The players enjoyment will continue, and grow under the Tippinators ownership.” Said Langille.

“The word Tippinators has become synonymous with honesty, integrity, fair play, embodying the very best this sport has to offer.” said Brent Cunningham of Tippmann Sports in Fort Wayne Indiana. “We know the Tippinators will represent the sport of paintball with class and professionalism.”

“Our first order of business will be to contact the existing team captains and field owners to ask what they would like to see in 2011.” Johnston said “I have big shoes to fill to try and do as good a job as Shaun. I know that we will make him proud.”

Woodsball players in Atlantic Canada will continue to have a competitive league for the foreseeable future thanks to the Tippinators purchasing the Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League. “The Tippinators will make every effort to create the most enjoyable woodsball experience for players in the Maritimes.” Johnston concluded. “The ATWL is here to stay.”

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