Notes from 2011 League Meeting

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For those of you who missed the 2001 League meeting, here is what was discussed / agreed upon:

Game Format:
• Teams play each other twice per event, once from each side of the field
• Games are 20 minutes
• Three capture points spread out on field so not all fighting is at the center
• Immediate respawn
• Safe zone inside respawn where players can remove masks
• Can take all gear to respawn (scubas, markers, etc)
• Respawn player can leave field for refills

• All firing modes are legal
• Rate of fire capped at 15bps, accurate bps chrono will be on the field
• Only one marker on the field per player
• Player must be within 5 feet of marker or player will be pulled
• Each marker can have only one barrel and one trigger

• Event Paint Only
• Will be sold by field owner
• Two grades will be available
• $70 and $80 per case (subject to change)

• Mersey Road Paintball
• Overkill Sportz
• Splatter Island??

• 10 Players on field for game
• Up to 5 additional players in respawn
• No minimum limit of players on field for game
• Players can play on more than one team -pending approval of all captains day of event
• All players on team must have matching jersey / shirt style
• Will look at assigning one colour flag to each team for the season to avoid confusion

Season Structure:
• Play May & June then again Sept & Oct
- No play in July or August
- Roster locked at Event 3
- Championship games in October

• Schedule for season will be set once CXBL, AXBL and other event schedules are released
• Schedule be posted on website and social networking sites
• Team captain’s responsibility to ensure dates and times are passed to players
• If forfeit team will receive the average points earn for previous events

• Photos from events will be available free of charge
• All events will be reported to and

• League Fees
- Cover costs of running league
• Players Fees
- 100% returned to players
- No cash prizes
- Teams will decide what they want for prizes

• All information will be posted on the ATWL website and social networking sites
• Information will be posted in timely manner

• Still waiting to hear from all companies
• Some will offer discounts to ATWL Teams
• All items donated will be given to players


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