ATWL Season Reaches Mid Point

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Event two of the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League (ATWL) season was scheduled to be played on Saturday June 18, 2011 at Overkill Sportz, Mount Uniacke Nova Scotia, despite mother natures attempt to wash out the event.

Heavy rain and high wind the week prior to the event left the field in less than ideal condition. Thankfully players from the home field team Anthraxx took the initiative, cleared debris, repaired bunkers and addressed any unsafe areas of the field.

Event two was expected to be an interesting one because the league plays, rain or shine, and severe thunderstorms and heavy winds were forecast game day. If the forecast held players would have an opportunity to test their abilities in wet weather which requires a significantly different set of skills from fair weather play.

Players awoke on game day to hear the forecast had been revised and the rain was due to start late in the day. The improved forecast improved the mood of the players who excitedly prepared for the opening horn.

Event two marked the first time updates were fed live to the ATWL’s blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. Players in the staging area, and league fans from around the world, were be able to keep up to date on game scores, flag captures and big plays as they happened.

The first match of the day was team Anthraxx against the Moncton Spartans. The Spartans with their new uniforms were in the running for the best dressed team award. Players from other teams were glued to their smart phones watching for live updates to see how the updates could be used to gain an advantage during their games.

As the day progressed teams saw the live updates as useful to know the league standings and how they should approach an upcoming game, rather than a tactical tool during game play.

A hard day of paintball left all team exhausted from running through the wet field. All teams played well and the final standings were in doubt right down to the last game. When the final horn sounded new teams had taken over the top of the leader board with only 80 points separating the top two teams.

Defending champion team Anthraxx started the day strong but lost their edge as the day progressed. Anthraxx unexpectedly fell in the standings from first down to third place by the end of event 2.

The 2009 league champion Nova Scotia Mercenaries played their best paintball of the season and had taken over the league lead from Anthraxx. The Mercenaries although in first held a very tenuous lead over the Mersey Road Predator close behind.

Even though the rain held off for the day, the affect of the wet spring was evident in parts of the field. One player’s comment summed the center portion of the field perfectly, “The field today was mud...Rocks...Roots...Mud covered rocks....Mud covered roots….And even mud covered mud.”

The end of event two marks the half way point of the season. The teams now have the summer off to play, practice and perfect their woodsball skills prior to the start of the run for the championship at event three in September at Overkill Sportz once again.

The Nova Scotia Mercenaries are currently leading the Tippmann X7 Phenom Atlantic Tactical Woodsball League, but the new playoff format introduced this season means the championship is up for grabs by any team that has the desire to take it away from five of the best woodsball teams in Canada.

PlaceTeamGame PointsW/L Points
4Halifax City United10406
5Moncton Spartans5552
6TACSAT Paintball500


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